Letting Go

by Benjamin Fortier

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This album has been completed. If you'd like to download it, it is free!

All of these songs are pretty much one take. One hit. I did the vocals pretty much all in one take, and never wanted to revamp any of the songs. I wanted to capture the raw emotion of how I felt at the time, and spending months and months of reworking and rewriting would really take away from that. So I spit this album out in about three weeks, and that's what you have.


released September 4, 2009

I use some sounds from FreeSound.org, a great royalty free site for sounds you can download and manipulate!

This album is dedicated to all the people that I have come across, and all the events that have molded me into the person I am today. The title refers to wanting to just let go. Escape the boundaries and explore new dimensions.

Influences: Ulver, Nine Inch Nails, Pink Floyd, Tiamat, Agalloch, Saturnus, Isis, Pelican



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Benjamin Fortier Massachusetts

I grew up listening to bands like The Doors, Nirvana, and the Beatles. As my taste for metal grew more extreme, I was eager to pick up the guitar and to try and emulate my favorite guitarists, and make some music of my own. I'd like to consider myself more of a composer than a guitar player because I prefer to see the "big picture" in music.

I hope you enjoy my work! Feedback is appreciated.
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Track Name: Drones
Don't let me lose control, can't fight the disease
I'm letting it all go to fall on my knees
I know that the decay will eat through the bone
Watch my life fall away into the unknown

Take me away

There is a veil of lies that shrouds the face
There's memories inside they said they'd erase
What I can't understand is what I can see
The empty shell of man that I used to be

Take me away
Track Name: The Lie That Is My Life
Track Name: Impulses
We want what anybody else would want
To live and die free of guilt
What I can't seem to wrap my head around
Are these walls that we have built
Ah, I hate myself for this
You know that I can't let this be the end

Watch and wait
The gears begin to turn

There is something imprinted in us
It defines our being, chooses who we become
To fight the impulses, we lose ourselves
Destiny begins to fade away

You know that I can't let this be the end
Track Name: Fading Into Static
I have a target for you
Engage with extreme prejudice...
Move them out of the open
I didn't copy your last request
Say again
I've lost him
He's gone
Track Name: Softly on the Path You Fade (Saturnus Cover)
Softly on the path you fade
In shining darkness
On the path you fade
and the forest grows dark
Casts long shadows on my heart
here midst the flaming
near snowing wolf paths
among the winds that bows the great trees
in their might
Track Name: She Was Gone By Moonlight
Whatever the stars would say
You said you would believe
When they told you to go
You said that you'd leave
There's no point in trying
You can't think without their song
I'm hoping that someday
I will prove them wrong

She was gone by moonlight
Said she'd travel by starlight

Where has the time gone
Slipping through my fingertips
I thought I had control
I thought you were a part of this
Track Name: As We Embrace, We Fall
These trembling hands can't scrawl a word
The demon's breath upon my neck

I'm waiting for the clouds to break
For the unconceivable
As we embrace, we fall

This storm will not let up
I'm struggling to stay afloat
Track Name: Echoes of Lonely Lust
Dreams untouched by empty hands
Endless silence flows throughout the hallways
It creeps down the passages where no one
Dares to enter or even talk about
Eerily, we look at each other and those words of compassion
That were never spoken fall out in syllables
We think we understand, but we don't
Try to forget about what was said
Destroy feelings and emotions that will help me to rebuild
Barriers block out understandings of understatements
And words laced with feelings that we can never explain
In the first place
But here we are
We use the elevators and stairwells and telephones
And cell phones but are we really communicating?
Are we really moving?
Is the slow crawl of insanity and depression dragging
Us along with the tidal wave we call morning?
or is it... mourning?
Whats the difference?
We wake up and they're both there
The sun blinds our eyes and we smash our alarms
And sluggishly devout ourselves to a higher cause
To the paper or plastic, love or hate atmosphere
And back in the oaken hallways the
reverberations of the lonely sound of love is
echoing off the doors and old picture frames and
Finally plants itself in a corner
That no one will ever pay attention to
When will it blossom? When will it bloom?
Who will find it when it is most ripe?
Track Name: The Bringer of the Bloodmoon